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At Dorchester Brewing Co., we make the highest quality product at the lowest possible price – guaranteed. Since 2016, we have brewed for global, regional, and local brands, offering numerous packaging options, dedicated quality lab, and no-cost recipe development.

We’re flexible – with over 32k annual barrel capacity, we produce and package beer, seltzer, cider and malt/sugar-based RTDs in batch sizes ranging from 30-3000 BBLs per SKU.


We share the mission of quality and value with the industry-leaders at Yakima Chief Hops. Through a new, industry-first partnership we’re offering access to the highest quality hops and steep production discounts to support the craft beer community in an increasingly margin-pressured industry.

We are coming together to help small and growing craft breweries succeed by jointly offering production discounts and best-in-class quality.

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As Boston’s only dedicated contract and partner brewing facility, you can hand over your beer or craft seltzer recipe to our highly experienced brewing and production team. Our years of brewing experience, superior brew systems, and world-class quality control means your recipe meets your exact specification. Every time. And, it’s done when you need it. Not when someone can fit you into their schedule.

Why do so many breweries trust us with their brands? We have a world-class brewing team, state-of-the-art 4 vessel brewhouse, centrifuge, Krones canning line and even ensure your beer always stays cold storage in our 4,000 square foot cooler. We also have a dedicated lab manager and rigid quality process, ensuring your beer is well made… every time.  And, as your partner, we also never charge fees for recipe development or label management.

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Click here for Part 1: Cost Savings & Efficiency

One of the most important, immediate, and tangible benefits in using a partner brewing facility like Dorchester Brewing Co. is the production savings it can offer without ever sacrificing on quality.

There are three core reasons that we’re able to deliver efficiency and savings to our partners: economies of scale in ordering, expertise in sourcing, and outsized technology investment throughout the entire facility.

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Click here for Part 2: Growing Core SKUs

For small and growing craft breweries, having 2-4 core SKUs in distribution can be an excellent way to build awareness of your brand and diversify revenue streams – but the demand of keeping pace with production of those SKUs, and also maintaining production of taproom-exclusive projects can be a strain on any production schedule.

One of the most productive uses of our partner brewing services has been transitioning core, high-volume SKUs to partner brew with us in order to free up resources, while still maximizing margin and revenue from distribution.

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so what sets us apart?

state-of-the-art facilty

Our ~25,000 Sq. Ft. facility in the heart of the Boston craft beer scene has the newest equipment available, because we know it’s vital to invest in the best. Some equipment upgrades we’ve made include a brand new Krones craftmate canning line, Newlands 30 bbl 4 vessel brew house, Spunding capabilities on all fermenters, as well as a GEA Centrifuge! We produce 30, 60 & 120 bbl batches and are configured to support over 1000 bbls of concurrent steel fermentation.

Best-in-Class Brewing Team

If you’re going to hand over your recipe to someone, make sure you trust them. Our brewing team has many years of experience creating high-quality liquids ensuring consistent QC and great results. Our entire team works together to support your needs. We welcome you to stop by and meet the whole team so you know your recipe is in the best of hands!

World Class Lab & Quality Assurance

We understand that your recipe is precious to you, so that’s why we’ve developed a world class lab and quality assurance program on-site including special yeast propagation. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that the brewing process is precise from start to finish. We’ll make sure the final end product is the absolute best possible.

flexible packaging

Your packaging — your way. We offer kegging, canning, specialty and barrel aging. Want a bow on it? Need help sourcing materials? We’ll do it!

delivery & Storage

We won’t kick you out. We have over 4,000 sq ft of cold storage for ALL finished products. Our facility was designed for easy storage and access of your product. Pick up your beer in days or keep it with us right in the heart of Boston for weeks in our cold or dry storage. We also have two large truck bays and can accommodate any size truck.

marketing & Branding

Our house is your house. Serve your beer on our taps. Take advantage of branding opportunities including in-house tastings and local Boston craft beer events, retail, social media, PR and website promotions. We want you to grow your brand and help you succeed.

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