Dorchester Brewing

Get To Know Our Team

At DORCHESTER BREWING CO., we’ve pulled together an experienced, passionate team of brewmasters and local business entrepreneurs to build the brewery and launch the services we offer our future craft brewing partners and thirsty beer tasters. Our team is also available to help our craft brewers in any way — from recipe development to branding to community building, we’re here to help you make great beer right in the heart of Boston.

Matt Malloy

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Keg Washer

Matt Malloy is a marketing, operations, and sales executive with 26+ years of experience. Past roles include VP of Marketing and Operations at Zipcar (8 years), growing the Zipcar brand and category and VP of Marketing and Communications at, a Harvard and MIT startup. Malloy is an active mentor/advisor on the east coast, an official Techstars mentor and an advisor to crushing & screening equipment startup — Machinery Partner

Travis Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Beer Taster

Over the past 10 years Travis has served as project manager at various real estate and community development organizations with the goal of creating economic development opportunities and affordable housing for underserved neighborhoods.  As an entrepreneur Travis continues to look for creative ways to improve the quality of life for people living in his neighborhood – Dorchester.

Holly Mitton Irgens

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Holly Mitton Irgens is a marketing and branding expert with a background of agency, corporate marketing and consulting experience, helping Boston-area small businesses and startups grow their brands. After living for a few months in the “Beer capital of the World” in Belgium, she converted to a craft-beer lover.

Jim O’Neil

Partner Relations Manager

A long time city resident, Jim attended Boston University and went on to work in the travel and hospitality industry for over a decade. At the urging of his wife, he decided to follow his passion and get a job in the craft beer industry. After five years at Blue Hills Brewery in Canton, Jim joined the team at DBCo and has been with us since the brewery opened!

Derek Rayner

Events Manager

Derek Rayner is a longtime Dorchester resident who grew up in New Hampshire and attended Keene State College. Most recently serving as the Bar Manager at Cambridge Brewing Company, Derek’s a huge craft beer nerd and when not enjoying some cold brews, he also likes to hang out with his family and his dog named Charlie.

Will Durgin

Director of Operations

Will joined the Dorchester Brewing Team in 2022 with over 15 years of experience in craft beer and cannabis beverage production and management. A graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in biology and biotech, as well as from the UC Davis Master Brewers’ Program, Will has worked in every aspect of craft beer and beverage development. He has created award winning craft beers at breweries of all sizes and on both coasts, and has served as a managing partner at two successful beverage start-ups.

Steph Berman

Taproom Manager

Born and raised in New England, Steph joined the DBC team after working for her family business for 15 years but found her true passion and calling in hospitality.

Steph’s take on taprooms and the hospitality industry?: “I love the unpredictability of each day. Things can change by the minute, so you always have to think and move quickly. I also love getting to meet such a wide variety of people. If you take the time to engage with guests, you can really learn so much about them and create an experience that makes them want to keep coming back. I strive to have every guest that walks into this place feel that way.”

Travis Londen

Head Brewer

Travis formerly worked at Brewery Legitimus in his home state of Connecticut before moving to Boston for grad school. Travis started at DBC as a Shift Brewer, and was then promoted to Cellar Manager, and now Head Brewer. As the Head Brewer, he crafts DBC beer and seltzer recipes, helps contract partners scale their recipes, sources and orders ingredients, and focuses on quality, consistency, and long term goals.

Travis’s advice to brewers just starting out in the industry: “You need a willingness to learn and start from the bottom with the goal of working your way up – this is essential to really make it in the beer industry. Education is important, but experience trumps education.”

Chris Geany

QA/QC Manager

Moving from quality control in consumer products to the cider industry, Chris joined the DBco team to help create high-quality, consistent beer from batch to batch, and ensure safety.  Most importantly, he ensures our beer tastes the best it possibly can be!