Dorchester Brewing

DOGchester Brewing Company


OMG PUPPIES! Thanks to the new dog-friendly spaces variance policy from the City of Boston, we’re excited that we’re now able to welcome pups on our downstairs outdoor patio!
All puppers, pooches, woofers, and floofers welcome.


DOGchester Brewing Rules & Guidelines:
1. All dogs must be on leash and in direct control of their hooman(s), and may not be roaming free and/or fastened to tables, benches, or chairs
2. Dogs aren’t allowed on tables, chairs, benches, or barrels – no matter how smol or boopable they are
3. Please put all dog đź’© in the marked container, and not in a non-designated đź’© trash can
4. Our bar staff can unfortunately not boop or pet your pups – we promise it’s not personal, and we’d like nothing more than to give them treat-os and love
5. Please be able to provide (upon request) evidence of current license and up-to-date rabies shot documentation
6. No drinking for doggos – they’re fun enough at a 0.0 BAC (there are non-alcoholic “dog beer” options available for purchase though!)

By entering the dog-friendly space, pet owners accept responsibility for your pet and any risks associated with this dog-friendly space, interactions with dogs, and/or interactions between dogs. 

Dorchester Brewing Company will not be held accountable for any consequences of your pet behavior.



Dorchester: Never been to the DOT? Not OFD? (That’s lingo for Originally From Dorchester). Technically Dorchester is part of Boston proper and located super-close to downtown, so you have no excuses. This could be be the very reason you explore the city a little bit more and we’re certain you’ll be glad you did.



Come hang out in our Boston taproom, Hopservatory and outdoor and rooftop patios. We have a 20 line tap system with plenty of varieties to choose from so you can sample and taste new craft beers and chat with our Head Brewer about his recipes. We also serve cider and wine!



As you might expect, we have a ton of ongoing activities in our Boston brewery that are all things beer-related. From fresh beer launches, festivals and plenty of fun events for everyone, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for private beer events like weddings, birthday parties and more!