A Pub Trivia Murder Mystery Challenge: The Case of the Poisoned Patron

For months, the local pub was home to a run-of-the-mill trivia game. Until one night, it was home to a murder! A local player dropped dead in this otherwise friendly battle of wits, and the game hasn’t run again since… until tonight.

Tonight, we’re enlisting your help to solve this mystery the only way we know how: Through a game of pub trivia. Each round, your group will answer trivia questions, which will, in turn, unlock details of the murder, uncover backstories and ultimately answer the greatest question of them all: Whodunnit?

So form a team with your sleuthiest friends and see if you can solve The Case of The Poisoned Patron!

Tickets $13-$19.75:



Please note: This is not a theatrical production featuring actors or audience roles or some of the other staples of a murder mystery production, rather this is a trivia game with a murder mystery puzzle interwoven.

A few other items of note…


1) This is our second time running this event (our first one sold out!), and we have more scheduled. They are all the same game featuring the same key elements and questions, so we ask players not to sign up for more than one event. However, for those of you dying to play again, we have good news: If this continues to get as good a reaction as it has so far, we plan to do a new mystery in 2025. You can find the upcoming event best for you by clicking the “upcoming events” tab at, and choosing the city of your choice.

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2) Dorchester Brewing is a 21+ venue, no outside food or beverage is allowed.

3) Refunds are only available to those who cancel with more than 48 hours’ notice. After that, we’re blowing the money from your ticket sale on something extravagant and nonrefundable.