A Toast to Justice

Amnesty International began in 1961 when two Portuguese students were jailed for raising a toast to freedom. Appalled by this injustice, British lawyer Peter Benenson urged individuals to write letters on behalf of people around the world imprisoned because they exercised a human right. Now, more than 50 years later, Amnesty International is the largest grassroots human rights movement worldwide.

You can help change the lives of this year’s 10 Write for Rights cases by writing letters to those responsible for human rights violations worldwide. When combined with millions of others, your letters help convince government officials to free prisoners of conscience, support human rights defenders, and end other urgent cases of abuse. Together, we can change lives and change our world.

Join us at Dorchester Brewing Company in Dorchester for local brews and a celebration to human rights worldwide, and find more ways to get involved!

For more info on these year’s cases: