Beer à la Mode!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at the local Dorchester landmark The Ice Creamsmith for a UNIQUE and DELICIOUS series of collaborations! On October 8th & 15th, they’ll be doing guest star appearances in the taproom to create unique beer-and-ice cream floats and pairings.

All-Dorchester beer and ice cream collaboration! Dorchester Brewing & The Ice Creamsmith teaming up to produce TWO ice cream and beer crossovers.

A pumpkin beer ice cream float! Dorchester’s favorite pumpkin spice amber ale Runs on Pumpkin floated with The Ice Creamsmith’s Caramel & Graham Cracker Swirl – a special recipe designed and custom made for this delicious combo.


Ice cream and beer inspiration mash-up! We brewed a special mocha almond stout (“Does Not Contain Nuts”), inspired by one of The Ice Creamsmith’s hit flavors, to be paired with ice cream in a unique side-by-side. Does Not Contain Nuts will be served on our nitro draft line, giving it that creeeeeeeeamy mouthfeel that you expect from both nitro beers and ice cream. The Ice Creamsmith designed yet another custom flavor for this pairing: Toffee Coconut Crunch.