CUFFS Counter Pop Up

CUFFS Counter is Providence, RI one and only pop up sandwich shop and we’re so excited to welcome them to Dorchester. CUFFS stands for “crafting united flavors from scratch”, as the menu is made up of handheld delights inspired from cuisines all over the globe.

So when we say these sandwiches must be tasted to be believed, well, best believe it. CUFFS Counter features a rotating variety of specialty sammies and subs to tantalize your tastebuds, using only the highest quality ingredients around. From their so called Southern Glutton featuring their proprietary meximustard fried chicken topped with beer cheese, bacon and white BBQ sauce to the Rad Island stuffed with a cauliflower chickpea jerk patty, if you’re looking to try something new for a change, CUFFS Counter’s just the ticket.