DOTtalk: Apprentice Learning

Friday, September 15 at 3pm we’ll be hosting the next in our DOTtalk series, featuring the team from Apprentice Learning! Once again, this non-profit presentation is paired with a charity beer that we’re brewing, with benefits going to Apprentice Learning directly.

Come by the taproom on Friday, September 15 at 3pm to learn more about Apprentice Learning and its work to inspire young people around Boston!

About Apprentice Learning (in their own words):

Since 2012, Apprentice Learning has provided real-world work experiences for eighth graders in Boston Public Schools. At such a critical period in a young person’s life, these are the opportunities that ignite growth and change: sparking passions and interests, giving purpose to the present, and more importantly, to a young person’s future.

In partnership with schools, businesses, and local youth-serving organizations, our aim is to launch dreams and plans for our city’s youth that lead to success in high school, college, and career. At Apprentice Learning, experience ignites purpose.

Our Approach

BEGIN career education early as an integral part of middle school and provide students with opportunities to learn and practice career skills, particularly in a professional setting.

CREATE partnerships with businesses where professionals mentor young people and appreciate the talents, skills, and contributions that will create a diverse future workforce.

LAUNCH students into high school with a summer job or enriching program to further their experience and interests.


Our Programs

Workplace Explorations
Worksite partners offer a one-day virtual or in person visit that offer insights to their business as well as opportunities to meet, practice skills, and learn alongside engaging professionals.

Six preparatory classes help students identify their strengths and build a toolkit of communication and self-presentation techniques. An apprenticeship of six, once-a-week sessions follows, in which students perform real work guided by a mentor on site with one of our 70+ local businesses partners. Upon completion of an apprenticeship, our network of program partners offer jobs, enrichment programs, and paid internships designed to prepare 14-15 year olds for more independence and responsibility.

City Summer Internship
For our rising ninth grade alumni who identify as female, a five-week paid career exploration in STEAM and other careers where women are underrepresented.

Launch Plus Internship
For our ninth grade alumni, a 40-hour virtual paid internship that deepens career skills and helps interns successfully apply for a summer job.


Learn more about Apprentice Learning at their website: