DOTtalk: Family Nurturing Center

Friday, May 12 at 3pm we’ll be hosting the next in our DOTtalk series, featuring the team from the Family Nurturing Center located right here in Dorchester. Once again, this presentation from a Boston-area non-profit is paired with a charity beer that we’re brewing, and the proceeds from which will go to benefit the Family Nurturing Center.

Come by the taproom on Friday, May 12 at 3pm to learn more about the Family Nurturing Center and its work supporting child- and family-focused communities!

About Family Nurturing Center (in their own words):

To work with others to build nurturing communities where children are cherished, families are supported, and healthy human development is promoted by all.

What We Do:
Family Nurturing Center offers free programs for families in low income neighborhoods to help parents and caregivers improve their parenting skills and enhance the cognitive and social development of their children. These programs help to strengthen the family, build community, and provide children with the nurturing and engaging environments necessary to ensure school readiness, resilience, and long-term success.

Why We Do It:
Every parent wants their child to have the best chances and opportunities possible.

Healthy early childhood development, from birth to four years old, is the most critical factor for children to be “ready” as they enter the education system. The parental role in this developmental stage is essential for success.

All parents need support—especially if they are facing obstacles, stressors, social isolation, or a traumatic history that can make the job of parenting even more challenging. When families receive support through our programs, they build community, understand child development, and parent in a more nurturing manner – even when things are tough.

The programs and staff of Family Nurturing Center offer support for parents to help their children build social-emotional and other school readiness skills, as well as to create loving, nurturing environments and relationships in which their children can learn and thrive – at every age and stage.

How We Do It:
We offer free programs—for parents and children together—that build parents’ knowledge, skills, and connections – especially during their child’s vital first years of life.

Through a continuum of programming—from welcoming a new baby into the home, to Parent-Child Playgroups, to intensive Nurturing Parenting Programs that bring families with children of all ages together to learn–Family Nurturing Center helps parents feel supported and connected in their critical role.

Family Nurturing Center offers programming in many Boston neighborhoods (with hubs in Dorchester, Allston-Brighton, and Roslindale/Hyde Park) and provides training to individuals and community providers to reach and impact more families in the City and across the Commonwealth.

Family Nurturing Center is the recognized Training and Technical Assistance provider for the Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum in Massachusetts and partners with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to train social workers and engage parents most in need of support.

Our compassionate, professional, and experienced staff–along with our Parent Partners, community partners, and volunteers–facilitate groups, provide home visits, lead skill-building trainings, and connect families to needed resources in their neighborhoods – and in their own language. Surrounded by a caring community and using their newly acquired knowledge, parents can give their children the best possible opportunity to build the skills they’ll need to succeed in school and life.


Learn more about the Family Nurturing Center at their website: