DOTtalk: The OUT Foundation

Friday, June 2 at 3pm we’ll be hosting the next in our DOTtalk series, featuring the team from The OUT Foundation to kick off June’s Pride month of programming! Once again, this non-profit presentation is paired with a charity beer that we’re brewing, and the proceeds from which will go to benefit The OUT Foundation.

Come by the taproom on Friday, June 2 at 3pm to learn more about The OUT Foundation and its work supporting and engaging the LGBTQ+ community in fitness, health, and wellness!

About The OUT Foundation (in their own words):

The OUT Foundation’s mission is to remove the barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals from access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness, ensuring their success.
We are dedicated to nurturing, empowering, and celebrating LGBTQ+ bodies and minds, guaranteeing our community thrives.

The OUT Foundation’s Start & Story:
In 2011 our founder, Will Lanier, hosted the first “OUTWOD” gay CrossFit meetup in NYC. Now known as The OUT Foundation, we are a nationally recognized nonprofit organization. Walking into a fitness environment is already intimidating, especially if you’re new. LGBTQ+ people face even more of a barrier finding safety and comfort in traditional fitness spaces. That’s why we’re here. Through our programs, we work to ensure the success of LGBTQ+ individuals by removing the obstacles that prevent access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness spaces. Members of the LGBTQ+ community want a space to feel like themselves, and not worry about the dangers of wearing a rainbow shirt, bringing their partner, or using the restroom they want in gyms. The OUT Foundation is here to work with fitness spaces and our community to educate and provide those spaces.

What We Do:
OUTAthletics: OUTAthletics is the world’s largest initiative for bringing together LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to sweat for a cause in a safe, inclusive fitness environment. We strive to create an inclusive community of all walks of life and inspire you to feel good about yourself, your workouts and your life.

OUTAthlete: It can be hard for many LGBTQ+ young adults to find the spaces where they feel comfortable participating in fitness. The OUT Foundation is empowering queer young adults by providing access to inclusive fitness spaces, wellness resources, and more.
The OUTAthlete Program facilitates year-long gym memberships for LGBTQ+ young adults between the ages of 18-30 nationwide.

OUTHealth: OUTHealth focuses on physical and mental health for all members of the LGBTQ+ community by removing the barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community members from living as their true, authentic selves. We provide health services through various initiatives. OUTHealth is designed for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Learn more about The OUT Foundation at their website: