Dungeons & Dragons Gameplay

A call to all adventurers! We seek only the strongest and bravest to help us in our quest. Do you have what it takes?

Fight The Exposition presents Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) night at Dorchester Brewing Company! Come join us for a night of adventure (and great beer!) as we explore the fantastical realm of sword and sorcery, battle epic monsters, and uncover secrets that have been locked away for centuries. Open to all levels of experience, seats are limited so don’t miss out on what will be a very exciting night!




A Quick Guide on How to Play DnD

To play DnD, you pick a character that best represents your own unique qualities. The game is led by a Dungeon Master (DM) where they will guide you on an epic journey that only the most qualified adventurers will be able to embark on. The story of your journey and actions will be determined through dice rolling, roleplay, and a bit of luck. The fantasy world you will be entering, you will find, is very much alive! If you’ve seen the DnD experience from shows such as Stranger Things or Community, you will also come to find that the tabletop experience can either bring you the highest of the highs, or the lowest of the lows.