The One Where They Do Trivia (Friends Taproom Trivia)

Can taproom trivia BE any more fun??! Yes!

Oh. My. GAWWWWD! It’s FRIENDS Trivia Night!

How you doin’? Friday, December 1st, we’re inviting all you FRIENDS Fanatics to show off your trivial FRIENDS knowledge, and raise money for the Matthew Perry Foundation.

Step 1: Assemble a team. Whether they’re Friends savants or just some regular friends, that’s a moo point, just bring them.

Step 2: Buy tickets. 1 ticket gets in the entire crew, just choose the one that corresponds with the number of people on your team. 100% of all profits from ticket sales that night will go to the Matthew Perry Foundation. For those who want to give more, you’ll have an opportunity to do so that night. For those for whom $15 a ticket would be more of a financial strain than you’d like to take on right now, we totally understand. E-mail us at, and we’ll give you a discount code, no questions asked. Maximum team size is 6 players.

Step 3: Dust off the FRIENDS-themed outfit of your choice. If you find yourself asking, “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” you probably chose the right things. Don’t wanna dress up? Don’t worry, this part’s optional. But best costume gets a prize!

Step 4: Show up on December 1st and play! We’ll have questions covering the entire gamut of the Friends run, with a Dorchester Brewing gift card going to our top team.

Step 5: For those who’d like to stick around, we’ll be screening a FRIENDS episode after the game is over.

Even if it hasn’t been your day, week, month, or even your year, the night will be fun.

100% of profits from ticket sales go to the Matthew Perry Foundation

Trivia starts at 8pm