Live Music at DBco: Sydney Fay

Kick off the weekend with live music at DBco in our new performance space with Sydney Fay!

Sydney Fay is ‚Äčan up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She got her start as a piano player at a young age, and quickly moved into singing and songwriting. Soon Sydney found that writing and playing music were her passions, and dedicates all of her time to doing so. Her music has an acoustic, piano-driven, jazzy feel, with warm, emphasized vocals.

During her sophomore year of college, Sydney began writing the songs that would eventually be self-released as part of her debut EP, You Got Me, in February of 2019. This past month, Sydney released her first single song, entitled “Time,” with Citizens’ Loft Records. Though her first EP only consisted of herself singing accompanied by either guitar or piano, this newest song featured a full-band performance: vocals, piano, bass, drums, and saxophone. Sydney is set to release another single and a full-length album sometime in the coming months.