All through October, we’ll be showing Halloween-themed movies in the taproom each Monday night!

Join us at the brewery to combine the best of seeing a movie at the theater (concessions, pop corn, candy, big screen) with the best of watching at home (beer!) and with the best of watching it at a brewery taproom (BEER!)

Candy, pop corn and concessions for sale, in addition to the GREAT barbecue of M&M and the great beer, seltzer, cider, and wine options that you know and love from Dorchester Brewing.

Pot o’ Gold! To limit the trips to the bar you have to take, we’ll be doing buckets of Neponset Gold (golden ale) and Indigo Sour (fruited kettle sour) for the first time, too. Five 16oz cans in a bucket for $25



October 10th: The Addams Family (rated PG-13)

October 17th: Little Shop of Horrors (rated PG-13)

October 24th: Scream (rated R)

October 31st: Halloween (the OG 1978 one, rated R)