Wythe Vinyl Pop-Up

WYTHE is a Boston-based record store and music collection curating new and used limited-edition vinyl and rarities for music lovers, enthusiasts and collectors.



WYTHE was founded in 2022, inspired by a lifelong love of music and collecting.

We’re an independently-owned, Boston-based record store. We sell new and used limited edition vinyl, with a focus on curating rare, out-of-print editions for the vinyl enthusiast.

Like you, we’re music enthusiasts at heart. We’ve waited in Record Store Day lines for a new release, carefully examined records upon arrival in the mail, and dug into countless crates at record stores in search of hidden gems.

In the many years of collecting, there’s been one constant in our record shopping experience: The Wall. It’s a reference not to Pink Floyd, but to the rarities that can be found behind the counters of your favorite record shops. It’s these rarities that continue to catch our attention. And that’s where the vision of WYTHE rests — providing customers with limited editions that they’d normally find behind the counter or on the wall.

Above all, we covet the community that comes with establishing a record store. We want to meet the Boston vinyl community and hear what you’re collecting, and what music is resonating with you. For now, you’ll find us in physical pop-ups throughout the Boston area, as well as online here.

So, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special community. It’s a great time to be a vinyl collector. And we look forward to being on this journey with you.