Dorchester Brewing


Skip the Small Talk Prom

It’s the prom you wish you had in high school, Skip the Small Talk style! Put on your most fabulous frocks, grab someone or come alone, and join us for a night unlike anything else in Boston. It’s Skip the Small Talk and a glamorous dance in one night!
What’s in store for the evening, in order (tentative schedule, times subject to change)…

6:30 – 7:00 pm: A fusion dance lesson taught by the incredible Nick Arango and the amazing Jessica Johnson! Fusion is a versatile partner dance style that works to any music. Nick and Jessica will teach the basics so you’ll have the skills to partner dance with anyone for the night even if you’re a total beginner, and they’ll give tips on how to ask new people to dance so everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

7:00 – 8:00 pm: Structured small talk skipping so you get to have the kinds of conversations you have late at night where you finally feel like you can talk about the stuff you actually care about! We’ll have paired conversations and then group conversations where you’ll be answering questions like, “When are you the happiest?” and, “If you were going to become close friends with me, what would I need to know about you?” Don’t worry, you’ll get to choose the questions from a selection of cards we have and we’ll guide you through it so it’s not awkward, you’ll always have someone to talk to, and you can opt out at any time. We’ll also have creative nametags with easy icebreakers to make it easier to talk to strangers or whoever you bring before and after the guided part of the night. If you bring someone, you can choose to stay with them for the night or to mingle with strangers– most people tend to choose the latter, but always your call. It’s going to be a blast either way!

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm: A dance party! Partner dancing and solo dancing and doing the thing where you dance in a circle with your friends and jump up and down a bunch will all be present and encouraged! You can also feel free to continue skipping the small talk— cards with unique questions on them will be floating around.


– Free snacks! There will likely also be a food truck (probably b.good) out front with fast food for sale.

– People dressed to the nines! We want you to come as YOUR most fabulous self, and if that means jeans and a T… fabulous! If that means a ball gown and tiara… fabulous! If that means rocking a full T-rex suit… fabulous!

– Craft beer for sale! The event will be at the gorgeous Dorchester Brewing Company, which will have great brews on tap.

– A selfie-photobooth for posterity!

– We’ll help coordinate carpools to and from Dorchester Brewing Company in case other transportation options don’t work for you. You can also use this offer code from Lyft if it’s your first time using the app— even cheaper if you go with several people and split the cost:

This event is 21+ due to brewery rules. We will be taking photographs of the evening, so please let us know upon arrival if you would rather not have your picture taken and we are happy to keep you out of photos/ be sure not to post photos of you on social media.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, GET TICKETS SOON HERE: Our normal Skip the Small Talk events often sell out well in advance, and this is our end-of-year blowout, so we can’t guarantee how long tickets will be available. Tickets are $25 for one, $20 per ticket for two, and $15 per ticket for three or more.

Can’t wait to skip the small talk with everyone at our most fabulous event yet!