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Yep, April has been a pretty great month! Our building is coming together and is looking like a real tasting room and brewery. Quite a far cry from even two months ago when we had a huge space with a big dirt floor and that was it. Now, we have floors, walls, windows, a real bar and standing equipment!!

And, we’ve been hearing that everyone is very anxious for us to open up and start drinking. We’re thrilled at the local support (we love our neighborhood) and all of the excitement around our opening and really appreciate everyone reaching out. So today, we wanted to give a quick update on where we’re at.
Starting in the front, the building exterior looks completely different with our silo all the way up – it took a bit longer then expected for them to raise the silo fully due to rain and wind, but it’s now standing tall at 3 stories high. We’re lovin’ the new windows as well – they definitely transform the outside of the building. Signage should be going up in the next few weeks – including our massive “Dorchester” signage running along the roofline, which we can’t even describe how excited we are about!



The tasting room is getting close, with our bar pretty much done and our 20-tap (flow control faucets) Perlick system installed. We’re also stoked about the Cellarstream II system, which means that we can infuse nitrogen into the beer for cool tasting experiences – you can taste a beer with CO2 then taste the same keg with nitrogen (we’ll explain more when we open). We’ll also have our crowler packaging system right at the bar, so that we can pour and can (yes can) everything extremely fresh from the source and will be able to package and seam the cans right at the bar for your ‘take home’ pleasure. We also now have our walk-in installed for the tasting room beers, which we can’t wait to fill soon enough.  Finally, and most importantly, we have also selected our glassware.  (what do you guys think?) ​

Oh, we almost forgot.  We are also going to be posting two great jobs in the very near future (next week).  Tasting Room Manager and Assistant Brewer.  We’ll be posting those on social media and on our site in the next week or so. When we do, we’d love for you to let peeps know of these jobs.

So, as you can see, the 25,000 sq. ft. we started with has been completely filled up and we’re pretty close to opening….which is now looking like mid/late -June. Don’t worry folks, just another 6-8 weeks or so to finalize the space and pull together all of the loose ends, but there is an opening in sight and it’s pretty soon. So, Dorchester….get ready.  Get Thirsty!!

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